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Dogs and Cars – Don’t Let your Hound Lead you to a Prison Cell!

Britain has always been a nation of dog lovers and during the Covid-19 pandemic dog ownership rose dramatically during the lockdown. So what are the rules on transporting your hound? What does the law say? Rule 57 of The Highway Code states: “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or […]

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I have been charged with an SP30 offence – what does it mean?

You have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) or Single Justice Procedure Notice (SJPN) with the offence code SP30. What does this mean? It is an urban myth that the code SP30 relates to an offence of exceeding a 30 mph speed limit. Actually the offence refers to speeding […]

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SP30: What Does it Mean?

SP30 is an offence code that means exceeding a statutory speed limit on the public road. It does not mean, as is often thought, an offence of exceeding a 30mph speed limit, but can be any statutory speed limit on a public road. SP30 offences usually carry a fine and […]

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