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Changes to the Highway Code 2022

The Highway Code has been amended, with changes effective from 29 January 2022. The overriding basis of the changes is to ensure that, ‘those who can do the greatest harm to others to have a higher level of responsibility to reduce the danger.’ As a Licensed Driver, you are expected […]

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Long Time Learner – Learner Drivers Facing More Misery

Learner drivers have faced costly and frustrating delays in accessing tests since the COVID pandemic began. Prior to the Lockdown measures, around 1.6 million tests took place year on year, this dropped to just 436,000 in the year 2020 – 2021. The capacity to take tests has greatly reduced due […]

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Drink Driving 101

As another celebrity is charged with drink driving, the question as to whether the law is too soft arises. Should there be a zero tolerance approach or is it a Public Heath matter where more awareness and education would help.  It seems like many understand the risks involved and some […]

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Driver Speeding Statistics Revealed

Every summer, the government releases statistics relating to the behaviours of drivers. One particular report focuses on speeding infringements and makes for interesting reading. In 2020, the worst offenders were van drivers. Figures show that 55% of van drivers speed on motorways and 58% on 30pmh roads. Car drivers were […]

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DVSA Announces Changes for Towing a Trailer or Caravan from Autumn 2021

In an effort to combat the driver shortages and free up test availability, DVSA announced a major change due to come in later this year (date TBC). Drivers who passed their Driving Test from 1 January 1997 will now be able to tow a trailer up to 3500kg without taking […]

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Speed Awareness Course Instead of Penalty Points?

The majority of low level motoring offences are dealt with out of Court, but when many drivers are first warned that an offence has been detected, they are confused as to how their offence will be dealt with. The police (and other prosecution agencies such as DVSA) have a number […]

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DVSA Operation Targets Van Drivers

DVSA has recently concluded an Operation in Birmingham which targeted vans and other LCVs, resulting in 24 drivers being investigated for prosecution where mechanical defects and other compliance issues have been found. Van drivers have come under fire in the press and continue to have a bad reputation because of […]

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Single Justice Procedure Notice

What is a Single Justice Procedure Notice?  The most common way for a motorist to be notified that they have been prosecuted for a driving offence is through the Single Justice Procedure. You will receive a pack through the post advising you of the offence details and how to respond. […]

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DVSA Extends Licence Expiry Dates

DVLA has recently re-opened its services to non-key workers. In order to keep work load to essential items only, DVLA had previously chosen to reduce the burden by extending the validity of photocard driving licences expiring between 1st February and 31 August 2020, by a period of seven months. On […]

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Alco-locks in vehicles to prevent rise in drink drive incidents

The most recent figures on drink drive related accidents have been released by the Department for Transport. There were 5890 accidents where the driver was found to be over the drink drive limit, an increase of 3% from the previous year. The number of accidents resulting in fatalities in 2018 […]

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