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What Are the Laws on Electric Scooters? What Do I Do if I Have Been Charged with an Offence on an Electric Scooter?

You are allowed to own an electric scooter- but there are limitations. You can own, rent, hire, buy and sell electric scooters. You can ride these on private land. It is not legal to ride privately owned e-scooters on public roads, cycle paths or pavements.   If you ride an […]

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Changes Coming to the Rules on Using Mobile Telephones Whilst Driving

    The laws around mobile telephone usage whilst driving are about to be tightened in 2022. It is already illegal to text or make a phone call using any handheld device whilst driving. It is also going to become illegal to use a handheld device to take photos or […]

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Section 172 Notice – Do I Have to Name the Driver of My Car?

If your car is involved in a driving offence a section 172 notice is provided with the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) for the driving offence, this usually comes in the post. The s.172 is the requirement to provide driver information. You must respond to this. If you don’t respond, […]

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15 Frequently Asked Questions About Speeding

     1. What is the national speed limit? The maximum speed limit of a single carriageway road is 60mph. On dual carriageway roads and motorways it is 70mph. The national speed limit road sign is a white circle with a diagonal black rectangle.       2. How many […]

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Motoring Offences – Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship – Which One Applies to Me?

When are Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship relevant? If you have committed an offence carrying penalty points you may be able to use one or both of these arguments before the Court. You must plead Guilty to the offence for either of these arguments to be relevant.   What is […]

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