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“Boy Racer” accused of Dangerous Driving Acquitted by Jury

This motorist, represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer was charged on an indictment, alongside with three others, on a single count of dangerous driving. The allegation was that they had been seen by police racing along the A38 at speeds of over 100mph. The driving complained of lasted less than 2 minutes and the police had not conducted the appropriate checks to determine the speed of the vehicles and relied on the speed of their own vehicle which exceeded 100mph whilst catching up with the defendants.

The jury convicted all three of careless driving, pleas to which had been offered in the Magistrates Court. All three were dealt with by way of a fine and 6pp rather than a mandatory disqualification and extended driving test and the possibility of a custodial sentence.

Case Details

Case Name: “Boy Racer” accused of Dangerous Driving Acquitted by Jury
Case Date: April 2022
Case Type (info): Crown Court

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