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Charitable Driver Keeps Taxi Licence on Appeal

Laura Newton, motoring solicitor, represented a Taxi Licence holder on appeal at Derby Magistrates’ Court. The driver, who is well known for his charity work throughout Derby, had been picked up by two speed cameras whilst driving home to assist his wife who needed urgent medical treatment. The Licencing Committee had previously revoked his Taxi Licence due to the penalty points on his driving licence. On appeal, the District Judge heard the circumstances of the speeding infringements and evidence of the driver’s charitable work. He was persuaded that he was still a fit and proper person to hold a Taxi Licence. He overturned the decision of the Licencing Committee and reinstated the Licence with immediate effect.

Case Details

Case Name: Charitable Driver Keeps Taxi Licence on Appeal
Case Date: March 2019
Case Type (info): Magistrates Court

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