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Driver Has Disqualification Overturned On Appeal

We represented a driver on Appeal at Bristol Crown Court. He had previously attended at the Magistrates’ Court for sentence relating to a fourth speeding offence, taking him to 12 points on his Licence. The Court had refused to find Exceptional Hardship and imposed a six month ban.

Upon taking instructions for the appeal, our solicitor Laura Newton was able to apply to the Court to have the disqualification suspended whilst the driver waited for the hearing. The Crown Court heard the Exceptional Hardship again as part of the appeal and overturned the decision of the Magistrates Court. The driver was obviously relieved to have such a successful outcome as it allowed him to continue working as a driver and meeting his caring commitments for his family.

Case Details

Case Name: Driver Has Disqualification Overturned On Appeal
Case Date: December 2020
Case Type (info): motoring law, exceptional hardship, speeding offence, appeal, totting up

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