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Driver with 14 Penalty Points Avoids Disqualification

This driver, who at the time of the last offence had 9 penalty points endorsed upon his licence, was before the Court for a further driving offence, carrying a mandatory 4-6 penalty points or 7–28 day disqualification. This driver was represented at the Magistrates Court by barrister, Millicent Dooher. The Driver could not afford any period of disqualification and as such required the offence to be delt with by penalty points, followed by an exceptional hardship application to ensure he could continue driving. The Magistrates were convinced to deal with it in this way and accordingly endorsed the driver’s licence to show 14 penalty points, however allowed the client to continue driving with no period of disqualification.

Case Details

Case Name: Driver with 14 Penalty Points Avoids Disqualification
Case Date: February 2022
Case Type (info): Magistrates Court

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