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Government Announces Travel Strategy in Lockdown Easing

Significant Changes To Highways To Be Introduced Within Weeks The Department for Transport has published a document outlining guidance to the highways authorities who are being asked to make “significant changes to the road layouts to give more room to cyclists and pedestrians.” COVID-19 restrictions has meant that public transport […]

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Potholes – Know Your Rights

Have you ever had damage caused to your tyres due to unattended pot holes on the road? You hear the clunk and feel the jolt of your tyres dipping into the hole and have a sinking feeling that this may be costly!  This is an all too common occurrence, particularly […]

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Crack Down on Exceptional Hardship

Magistrates could be given new guidance which would reduce the ability of a driver to argue Exceptional Hardship and avoid a ban, in a Consulation issued by the Sentencing Council. Where a driver reaches 12 or more penalty points on their licence, they will be subject to a minimum 6 […]

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