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Driver Speeding Statistics Revealed

Every summer, the government releases statistics relating to the behaviours of drivers. One particular report focuses on speeding infringements and makes for interesting reading.

In 2020, the worst offenders were van drivers. Figures show that 55% of van drivers speed on motorways and 58% on 30pmh roads.

Car drivers were not too far behind. Of those cars recorded, statistics show that 53% of car drivers exceed the speed limit on motorways, 12% of car drivers sped on a National Speed Limit Roads and 56% of car drivers on 30mph roads were likely to be driving at excess speed.

Bus drivers were shown to be the most compliant with less than 30% likely to be speeding on a 30mph road. Worryingly almost half of HGV drivers drove in excess of the speed limit on 30mph, but very few on motorways.

In respect of the level of speeding, in 2020 the level of vehicles exceeding the speed limit by more than 10% (usually close to the threshold for penalty points) was lower than 2019. On motorways, 13% of infringements exceeded this figure and on 30mph this was 6%.

These figures do not reflect the level of prosecutions or investigations by the police. Where a car driver is caught speeding, they will usually receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution which can lead to the offer of a Driver Awareness Course, Fixed Penalty or Prosecution where 3-6 penalty points could be imposed on the Licence. In relation to HGV Drivers or Bus Drivers, the endorsements will usually be referred to the Traffic Commissioner and the vocational entitlements can be removed at a Driver Conduct Hearing.

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