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How Much?

Our Fees

We offer a no obligation, free initial consultation to assess your situation. We are also completely transparent about our fees. We will sit down with you and set out all the costs involved before any action takes place.

We will usually agree a Fixed Fee arrangement so that you know from the outset how much it will cost. Your case will be dealt with by one of our experienced Solicitors or Barristers. You can find more details about our team and their experience by clicking here.

In single hearing cases our average fee for a single hearing guilty plea and sentence is £750 + Mileage (@45p per mile) +VAT. This includes at least two hours’ preparation, a conference by telephone, video or at our office, review of the papers, travel costs to Court and attendance at Court for no more than half a day.

For a Trial or Trial of Issue involving a single day’s hearing our average fee would be £2,500 + Mileage (@45p per mile) +VAT. This includes at least four hours’ preparation by one of our lawyers, review of the evidence, taking instructions from a single witness, liaising with the Court and Prosecution for Case Management by email and telephone, attendance at Court for the Trial Hearing by one of our Solicitors or Barristers and travel costs for attendance at Court. If the case involves particularly complex matters, more than one witness or more than half a day attendance at Court, we will agree an additional fee with you.

In order to argue “Special reasons” or “exceptional hardship” our average fee would be £1,500 + Mileage (@45p per mile) + VAT.

The fees are exclusive of VAT.

The fees are inclusive of travel costs.

The fees would not include Experts’ fees or fees payable to obtain evidence or information.

Magistrates’ Court cases for motoring offences can take around twelve months from initial offence to hearing date, although this varies in different locations and with different prosecutors.

If a matter is adjourned for a trial, the trial is usually listed approximately four months from the first hearing date. This varies greatly depending upon the Court, the witness availability and the length of the trial.

Our Team

Our team has years of experience in the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal and has particular experience in motoring and Road Transport Law. We have six members of our team who may work on your matter but regardless of who works on your matter they will be supervised by Simon Clarke, Partner and barrister of over twenty years call.

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