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Motoring Lawyers Nottingham

Our team of solicitors and barristers specialise in motoring and transport law. If you face prosecution for any driving offence we offer a free initial telephone or email consultation about the likely outcome in your case and the strength of evidence against you.

We can help you to respond to a Notice of Intended Prosecution or Single Justice Procedure Notice and advise you at every stage of the Court proceedings. If you are charged with any motoring offence, including:

-drink or drug driving,


-using a mobile whilst driving

-failing to identify a driver

-fail to stop/report

-careless driving or dangerous driving,

We specialise in exceptional hardship and if you face a totting up ban you may be able to avoid disqualification. We can advise you on special reasons hearings, most commonly used for drink driving, no insurance and failure to provide a specimen. Our barristers regularly attend at the Crown Court to successfully represent driver who want to appeal sentence and conviction.

We offer an affordable fixed fee service and you will not have any hidden charges. Call our friendly team today on 01332 987420 for an initial discussion without any obligation.

Our office is located in Derby City Centre so are easily accessible wherever you are in Nottingham, from West Bridgford, Long Eaton or Woolaton – we can help. We have ample parking if you need to visit our office. Most cases can be dealt with at your convenience over the telephone or email so if you do not want to travel, that isn’t a problem.

Driving Offences FAQ

Q. How much does it cost for a motoring solicitor?

A. We offer an affordable fixed fee tailored to your needs. The fee with vary on the amount of work needed and the number of times your case is likely to be heard in Court. For a discussion on the costs to represent you please fill in our enquiry form or call our team today.

Q. What is a Single Justice Procedure Notice?

The Single Justice Procedure is initial step of bringing an alleged offence to Court for prosecution. You will have 21 days to enter a plea online or by writing to the Court. Your plea will be recorded in your absence and the Magistrate will decide if you need to attend Court, either because you plead not guilty or because the court is considering a disqualification. You may be sent a further letter asking if you want to make an argument to avoid a disqualification.  You must respond to the letters as you may only be left with an appeal to the Crown Court.

Q. I have been given points in my absence, what can I do?

A. If you were unaware of the Court proceedings, you are eligible to make a Statutory Declaration before a solicitor, or at Court, within 21 days of being made aware. Once accepted it will restart the Court Proceedings. It doesn’t take you back to the point of fixed penalties or a speed awareness course.

An alternative to a Statutory Declaration will be an appeal to the Crown Court. Our team can advise you about your options.

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