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If you are due to attend Court in Stafford, Newcastle Under Lyme or Cannock Magistrates’ Court for any driving offence, our team of motoring solicitors and barristers can help. Call today for a free review of your case on 01332 987420.

We know how important your driving licence is and will handle your case with dedication and expertise to help. We cover all motoring offences whether you face prosecution for speeding or driving without insurance through to drink driving, fail to provide a specimen, careless driving and dangerous driving. We have a team of solicitors and barristers with years of experience.

If you have reached 12 points on your licence, the Court will summon you to Court for a totting up disqualification. As a result you may risk losing your job or be unable to meet your family commitments. In these circumstances we can help you to argue exceptional hardship to avoid disqualification.

Your options will be fully outlined and we make sure your case is handled with care from start to finish. We have an impressive record of success in helping drivers avoid losing their licence.

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Driving Offences FAQ

Q. I have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution after 14 days, can I dispute this?

A. The police ordinarily must serve the initial Notice of Intended Prosecution within 14 days. Common reasons for receiving the Notice outside of this period of time is where the Police have not received a response to a first Notice, or where you have been nominated by the registered keeper

Q. Am I eligible to receive a Speed Awareness Course or Fixed Penalty?

A. These options are always at the discretion of the police but will usually be offered within a strict criteria. If you have not taken an awareness course within the previous 3 years and your speed is not particularly excessive. Each area has their own rules but will be based around current police guidelines and you will be able to find these on your local Road safety Partnership website.

Q. How can I check what points are on my licence?

A. You can access an electronic record with DVLA for your yourself or to generate a share code for another person. The service can be found by clicking here

Q. How long to points stay on my licence? 

A. Points are recorded on the electronic record for a period of 4 years but are active for 3 years. The have effect from the date of the offence and the police/Court will consider a period of time from date of previous and current offences, when considering how many live points are on the record.

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