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Driver Avoids Totting Up Disqualification Due to Caring Responsibilities - February 2021

Laura Newton, our solicitor dealing with motoring offences, represented a driver before Mansfield Magistrates’ Court who was being sentenced for driving using a mobile phone. this offence carries 6 points and the driver had 9 points on his Licence for speeding. The driver had been notified by Court letter that […]

Driver With 24 Points Avoids Disqualification - February 2021

Our motoring solicitor Laura Newton represented a driver before Nottingham Magistrates’ Court who faced sentence for a number of driving offences. He already had 9 points endorsed on his licence and had been prosecuted for further speeding offences and red light offences. The cases had been linked to be dealt […]

CPS Offer No Evidence in Dangerous Driving Case - February 2021

The defendant, represented by barrister Harry Bowyer, was charged with dangerous driving arising out of a police chase. The defendant denied being the driver. The evidence against him relied upon an “identification” by a police officer who purported to identify the defendant as the driver as the van passed his […]

Exceptional Hardship – Totter Keeps Licence - January 2021

Following a speeding offence and an offence of no insurance, this driver was faced with being a ‘totter’ with 12 penalty points to be endorsed on his licence. Following an application for exceptional hardship by barrister Millicent Dooher, this driver was able to avoid any period of disqualification.

Exceptional Hardship – LGV Driver Escapes Disqualification. - January 2021

This driver was represented by Barrister Millicent Dooher. The driver was in possession of 9 penalty points on his driving licence and was facing an additional 3 points and a disqualification for being a ‘totter’ with 12 penalty points. As this driver was a professional driver of LGVs it was […]

Saturday Court Success - January 2021

In order to clear the backlog of Magistrates’ Courts work, there are now motoring Courts running most Saturdays at a number of locations to deal with drivers who face prosecution for motoring offences. We have represented drivers each weekend for a number of months. Most recently, our barrister attended at […]

Exceptional Hardship – Disqualification Cut to 1 Month - January 2021

Barrister, Millicent Dooher represented this driver who had 9 penalty points on his driving licence and was faced with an additional 10-12 points following 3 additional driving offences. Millicent Dooher was able to convince the Magistrates’ to impose a 1-month disqualification instead of a 6-month disqualification. No penalty points were […]

Driver Has Disqualification Overturned On Appeal - December 2020

We represented a driver on Appeal at Bristol Crown Court. He had previously attended at the Magistrates’ Court for sentence relating to a fourth speeding offence, taking him to 12 points on his Licence. The Court had refused to find Exceptional Hardship and imposed a six month ban. Upon taking […]

Exceptional Hardship – Totter escapes mandatory disqualification - December 2020

 Millicent Dooher, Barrister, represented this driver who faced 12 penalty points on his driving licence following 4 speeding offences. An application for exceptional hardship was put forwards on behalf of the driver. This was accepted by the Magistrates’ and the 6-month mandatory disqualification was not imposed.

Exceptional Hardship – Licence Kept with 19 Endorsed Penalty Points - December 2020

Millicent Dooher, Barrister, represented this driver who was in possession of 9 penalty points and facing an additional 10-12 penalty points for 3 further speeding offences. Despite endorsing the driver’s licence with an additional 10 penalty points, the Magistrates’ were convinced not to disqualify the driver at all due to […]

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