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Exceptional Hardship Application Granted for Driver who Accrued 37 Penalty Points. - May 2022

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver before the Magistrates Court following a number of speeding offences. Ultimately the Magistrates imposed penalty points on the driver’s licence, totalling 37 penalty points. An application for exceptional hardship was put before the Magistrates, with the request for a short ban, rather than the […]

Magistrates Persuaded to Sentence on Defendant’s Version of Facts – Case Dealt with by Way of Conditional Discharge! - April 2022

This defendant was charged with assault by beating and criminal damage and represented before the Magistrates by barrister Millicent Dooher. A guilty plea was entered on a basis of plea in that contact was only made with the Complainant’s camcorder and not the directly with the Complainant. This was rejected […]

Driver Receives Discretionary 35 Day Disqualification Instead of 12 month Disqualification Following a Number of Endorsable Offences. - April 2022

This driver, who had 9 penalty points on his licence, faced a further endorsement of 6 penalty points for tyre offences and a financial penalty for no MOT. He was also serving a 12-month disqualification for drug driving. Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver before the Magistrates. Where any driver […]

“Boy Racer” accused of Dangerous Driving Acquitted by Jury - April 2022

This motorist, represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer was charged on an indictment, alongside with three others, on a single count of dangerous driving. The allegation was that they had been seen by police racing along the A38 at speeds of over 100mph. The driving complained of lasted less than 2 […]

Driving Without Due Care – Driver escapes with only 4 penalty points. - March 2022

This driver, represented before the Magistrates by barrister Millicent Dooher, was facing up to 9 penalty points or a disqualification following the offence of careless driving (without due care and attention). As this offence occurred within the first 2 years that this driver has held a licence, 6 or more […]

Professional Driver Retains Licence Despite Being a Totter - March 2022

This driver was represented by Helen Newbold in the Magistrates’ court where he was facing a disqualification of his licence after pleading guilty to a speeding offence.  With 9 points on his licence at the time of the offence this driver faced automatic disqualification under the totting rules for accumulating […]

Successful s.172 trial: Unable to identify driver between husband or wife. - February 2022

Millicent Dooher represented this client at their Magistrates Court trial for failing to identify the driver of a vehicle following a speeding offence. The defence for this charge is whether the recipient has acted with reasonable diligence in ascertaining the identity of the driver and providing it to the police. […]

Drink Driver over 4 Times the Limit Avoids Immediate Custody - February 2022

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver at his sentencing hearing following an offence of drink driving. With such a high reading, the starting point is immediate custody. Millicent was able to convince the Magistrates not to impose immediate custody due to the mitigating factors, including the work the driver had […]

Driver with 14 Penalty Points Avoids Disqualification - February 2022

This driver, who at the time of the last offence had 9 penalty points endorsed upon his licence, was before the Court for a further driving offence, carrying a mandatory 4-6 penalty points or 7–28 day disqualification. This driver was represented at the Magistrates Court by barrister, Millicent Dooher. The […]

HGV Operator with 12 Penalty Points for Speeding Gets No Disqualification. - December 2021

This driver, who is also an operator of HGVs, was represented at the Magistrates’ Court by barrister, Millicent Dooher following 4 offences of speeding amounting to 12 penalty points. With 12 penalty points, the starting point is a mandatory 6-month disqualification from driving. Millicent was able to make a successful […]

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