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Driver with 14 Penalty Points Avoids Disqualification - February 2022

This driver, who at the time of the last offence had 9 penalty points endorsed upon his licence, was before the Court for a further driving offence, carrying a mandatory 4-6 penalty points or 7–28 day disqualification. This driver was represented at the Magistrates Court by barrister, Millicent Dooher. The […]

HGV Operator with 12 Penalty Points for Speeding Gets No Disqualification. - December 2021

This driver, who is also an operator of HGVs, was represented at the Magistrates’ Court by barrister, Millicent Dooher following 4 offences of speeding amounting to 12 penalty points. With 12 penalty points, the starting point is a mandatory 6-month disqualification from driving. Millicent was able to make a successful […]

Speeding Totter Avoids 6 Month Ban with Short Disqualification - November 2021

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this car driver following a speeding offence, where the driver was recorded as travelling at 86-mph in a 50-mph restricted zone. This could carry a sentence of up to 56 days driving disqualification, or 6 penalty points. This driver already had 6 penalty points endorsed upon […]

Successful Special Reasons Hearing – No Points, No Fine and No Prosecution Costs Payable. - October 2021

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this client at the special reasons hearing following a speeding offence where the driver’s speedometer was showing a faulty reading. Millicent was able to prove that the speedometer was faulty and persuade the Magistrates to deal with this by way of absolute discharge. This meant the […]

Company Director Escapes Endorsement by Amendment of Charge After Failing to Provide Driver Information - September 2021

This Company Director was before the Magistrates’ Court following 2 charges of failing to provide driver details following speeding offences committed in his Company vehicles (under s.172 Road Traffic Act 1988). Each offence carries 6 penalty points and a fine, making him a ‘totter’ and putting his Company out of […]

Careless Driver Avoids Disqualification - September 2021

Motoring lawyer Laura Newton represented a driver before the Magistrates’ Court, facing a charge of careless driving. The driver had been witnessed by police aggressively weaving in and out of traffic and travelling at excess speed. The case had begun in the Single Justice Procedure Court but adjourned as the […]

Totter with 12 Penalty Points Avoids Disqualification with Exceptional Hardship Application - August 2021

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver at an exceptional hardship hearing before the Magistrates. This driver had accrued 12 penalty points following 4 speeding offences and risked being a ‘totter’ with a mandatory 6 month disqualification. Millicent was able to persuade the Magistrates to find exceptional hardship in this instance […]

Driver with 15 Penalty Points Avoids Any Period of disqualification - August 2021

This driver/company director, represented by Millicent Dooher, barrister, faced disqualification having accumulated 15 penalty points on his driving licence. Following representations made before the Magistrates’ Court, Millicent was able to persuade the Magistrates to find exceptional hardship in this instance, specifically due to the implications a disqualification would have on […]

Failure to Provide Driver Details: Found Not Guilty at Court - August 2021

Following a charge of failure to provide driver details under s.172 Road Traffic Act 1988, this vehicle owner, represented by barrister Millicent Dooher, successfully disputed the charge at Court and was found Not Guilty. Millicent was able to persuade the Court that despite the Notice being sent, it had never […]

130mph Speeding Offence Dealt with by Penalty Points. - July 2021

This driver was prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit, recorded at a speed of 130mph. Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this driver at the Magistrates’ Court. Millicent was able to successful persuade the Court to deal with this matter by way of penalty points where the guidelines would suggest a 56+ […]

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