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Driver Looking at Disqualification for Totting Receives 6 points and keeps licence - January 2019

This driver represented by barrister Helen Newbold, was facing up to 18 points for four driving related offences. With the loss of his licence the loss his employment a very real possibility. After taking advice from Helen Newbold, the driver entered guilty pleas. Helen then entered into discussions with the […]

Speed Camera at Fault or Human Error? - March 2019

Martin Smith, motoring solicitor, represented the driver of a lorry who faced a very serious allegation of speeding. A “Safer Roads” Enforcement Officer had looked at photographic evidence and had come to the conclusion that the lorry had been driven at a speed of 67 mph in a 40 mph […]

Cannabis Smoking Truck Driver Keeps Licence After Appeal to the Crown Court. - January 2019

This driver, represented in the Crown Court by Barrister Harry Bowyer (SBC did not act in the Magistrates’ Court), appealed his disqualification for Drug Driving. He had given a ride to a friend who had offered him roll up cigarettes on their journey down south. The driver accepted the cigarettes […]

Silly String Obscures Speed Sign – Special Reasons – No Points Imposed - January 2019

Motoring Solicitor Laura Newton represented a driver who had missed a change in speed limit due to the sign being obscured by silly string and inadvertently exceeded the limit by 20mph. He was required to attend Court under the Single Justice Procedure as the speed to was too high to […]

Aquittal following Speeding and Failing to Identify a Driver Prosecution - October 2018

Laura Newton, motoring solicitor, represented a driver who had been served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution following an allegation of speeding. He recalled that both he and his wife had shared the driving on that particular journey and neither could recall who was driving at that the time. They […]

New Driver Escapes Revocation - October 2018

Motoring solicitor Laura Newton represented a New Driver, who had held his licence for less than 2 years. He had found himself driving without insurance and would ordinarily have received 6 points on his Licence. As a New Driver his licence would have been revoked. The implications would include losing […]

Driver Escapes Immediate Custody for Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving  - September 2018

Harry Bowyer was instructed in this manner by a highly regarded firm of Motoring Lawyers to mitigate for one of their clients who had been found guilty of Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving and had lost confidence in the trial advocate. The facts of the matter were quite straight […]

Devon Freewheelers Blood Bike Volunteer Acquitted On All Charges - July 2018

A volunteer riding for the Devon Freewheelers (DFW), represented at court by barrister Harry Bowyer, was stopped by an Officer of the Devon and Cornwall Police whilst transporting surgical instruments urgently required by the Nuffield Hospital. He was charged with speeding and riding a vehicle fitted with sirens. The Officer […]

Truck Driver Avoids Court following Dangerous Driving Allegation -

SBC represented an HGV driver involved in a three-vehicle motorway collision. The police decided to interview the driver under caution on suspicion of dangerous driving. SBC was able to get access to the CCTV footage of the incident prior to the police interview and advise the HGV driver accordingly. A […]

Truck Driver Found Not Guilty of Mobile Phone Offence - May 2018

A Lorry driver was summonsed to the Magistrates Court after a police officer alleged that he had been seen using a mobile phone behind the wheel The Lorry driver denied the offence and instructed SBC to defend him at trial. If found guilty he would have faced 6 points, a fine, […]

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