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Speeding Through Lockdown

Regional police forces across the country have voiced concerns over an apparent increase in speeding offences being detected during Lockdown. Roads which are usually gridlocked are now free flowing. This along with the complete lack of normal routine has drivers ignoring or forgetting speed camera sites and also being much more visible to police patrols.

So what happens if you are caught speeding during the Covid-19 Lockdown?  Well, pretty much business as usual. Camera Enforcement Teams will issue a Notice of Intended Prosecution if the incident is captured on a fixed camera. At the roadside, police officers can report a driver for fixed penalty or summons.

You will still need to respond to the Notice of Intended Prosecution within 28 days. If you move temporarily from the vehicle’s registered address – update DVLA or make secure arrangements to receive your post frequently. Speed Awareness courses are still running during Lockdown, albeit via digital platform. You may be asked to pay a Fixed Penalty of 3 points and £100.

For those with excess penalty points or a very high speed, you will be reported to attend the Magistrates’ Court. You will receive a Single Justice Procedure Notice within 6 months and be asked to submit a plea online. If the Court is considering a disqualification, you will be asked to attend Court once restrictions are lifted. It is so important to deal with Court summons or Single Justice Procedure Notice properly. If you do not reply, the Court has the power to convict you and disqualify you in absence and it may be months before the Court can hear an appeal or application to remove the disqualification.

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